Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet and Valve Replacement & Repair

faucets valvesMASTER PLUMBING & DRAIN CLEANING can quickly repair or replace your leaking bathroom or kitchen sink faucets and valves. We serve Stratford, Bridgeport, Milford, Trumbull, and most towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

If the faucets or valves in your home are dripping or leaking a steady stream, you're going to see a higher water bill. If the leak is on the hot water side, your gas, electric or oil consumption will also increase. Either way, you'll be paying more than you should. Often a leaky faucet is a simple fix. Faucet washers deteriorate over time. This is often evidenced by a slow drip which will typically get worse over time. A good rule of thumb is to get it fixed quickly, so you can avoid costly repairs later.

How can you turn off the water supply if your valve or faucet breaks and/or develops a serious leak?
Look underneath your sink for water shut-off valves. You should find both cold water and hot water valves. Your shut-off valves will typically have a small, oval, chrome handle. To shut off the water flow to the leaking faucet, turn the chrome handle clockwise until the flow stops. If the valve won't budge (shut-off valves often "freeze" from lack of use), you may need to use a pair of pliers to loosen them. DON'T USE TOO MUCH FORCE as you move the handle back and forth until the valve loosens. If the handle spins freely, you may have to tighten the set screw in the center of the valve handle. Once tightened, try loosening the valve handle again as above. Once free, turn off the water and phone us, or CLICK HERE to complete a simple service request.

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